2022 Special Auction for Oriental Ink Treasure Celebrity Calligraphy and Painting of Swire International Auction House with A Turnover of 74 Million



On November 14, Swire International Auction House successfully closed the 2022 Special Auction for Oriental Ink Treasure Calligraphy and Painting with a turnover of RMB 74 Million.

This special auction covered a number of famous artists’ works including Zou Pingchao, Guan Yuliang, Pan Tianshou, Dong Qichang, Qi Baishi, Li Kuchan, Xie Zhiliu, Wang Yuanqi, Lin Fengmian, etc.

The turnover of this special auction exceeded 74 million and the turnover ratio of this special auction reached 73.33%. The online page views reached 860000 person times and the number of views on the live streaming platform reached 1.69 million.

At present, despite the severe test of the pandemic, the widespread concern and warm response of collectors still cannot be resisted. After many fierce competitions, Zou Chaoping’s Painting of Luofu Meditation which got a lot of public attention finally sold for RMB 1.46 million.

Name of lot: Zou Pingchao; Modern times; Painting of Luofu Meditation (one piece)

Size: 68 × 46cm

Transaction price: GBP 172,500, about RMB 1.46 million;

Zou Chaoping’s representative work of Chinese calligraphy and painting, Spring Heralded by the Golden Rooster, has a complete picture, first-class appearance and clear source. Since the online preview, it has attracted the attention and consultation of many collectors and was finally purchased by the pre-destined collector at a price of RMB 1.8 million.

Name of lot: Zou Pingchao; Modern times; Spring Heralded by the Golden Rooster (one piece)

Size: 68×46cm

Transaction price: GBP 212,750, about RMB 1.8 million;

After 18 rounds of bidding, the Painting of Quiet Mountain Villa painted by Wang Hui (early Qing Dynasty) was finally purchased by the collector at a high price of RMB 20.9 million, demonstrating the profound and extensive market appeal of famous calligraphy and paintings;

Name of lot: Wang Hui; early Qing Dynasty; Painting of Quiet Mountain Villa (one piece)

Size: 91×49cm

Transaction price: GBP 247,250,0, about RMB 20.9 million;

Such an active atmosphere and appropriate transaction results have strongly boosted the confidence of the artwork trading market under the dual impact of the pandemic and the economy. It is believed that the art market will continue to burst out strength in the future and this enthusiasm also encourages us to make persistent efforts!

Review of some sold lots

Name of lot: Pan Tianshou; Modern times; Painting of Eagle, Rock, Mountain and Flower (one piece)

Size: 165×121cm

Transaction price: GBP 227,700,0, about RMB 19.3 million;

Name of lot: Qi Baishi, Modern times; Painting of Shrimp Fun (one piece); Hold a layer of rice paper behind the painting

Size: 99×33cm

Transaction price: GBP 212,750,0 about RMB 18 million;

Name of lot: Lin Fengmian; Modern times; Chrysanthemum (one piece) Hold a layer of rice paper behind the painting

Size: 77×41cm

Transaction price: GBP 402,500, about RMB 3.4 million;

For more sold lots, please visit the online platform.

We express our sincere thanks to all collectors, experts and auction netizens who participated in this special auction. Please forgive us for the shortcomings of this auction and look forward to receiving your valuable suggestions for improvement. Swire International Auction House will pay back with more meticulous services and live up to the expectations of all!

Edited by Wen Hui; Reviewed by Wang Xinlin

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