China Eastern Airlines plans to arrange average daily flights of over 2,900 during Spring Festival travel rush


Thanks to the resumption and adjustment of international flights and the upcoming Spring Festival, people's travel demand will be further released in early 2023, as they will go sightseeing, visit relatives and friends, or return home for a family reunion during the festival.


China Eastern Airlines (China Eastern) plans to allocate 753 aircraft between Jan. 7 and Feb. 25, with average planned daily flights of over 2,900, and arrange over 6,000 additional flights to meet passengers' air travel demand.


In January, China Eastern's weekly international passenger routes are scheduled to increase to 48, with 184 flights. Among them, three flights per week from Shanghai to Budapest, Auckland and Sydney respectively are scheduled, and more flights from Shanghai to Bangkok, Kunming to Phnom Penh and Hu Chi Minh, Hangzhou to Manila, Qingdao to Dubai and Wenzhou to Rome are planned. China Eastern will also add new flights from Shanghai to Melbourne, Phuket, Chiang Mai, Male and other destinations starting Jan. 23.


As for the Chinese mainland, China Eastern plans to add new flights mainly for passengers returning home, flights to popular tourist destinations including skill resorts and Hainan Province, and flights in Yunnan Province.


To further improve passengers' travel efficiency, China Eastern has continued to upgrade its online intelligent passenger services for the Spring Festival travel rush. Innovative services such as "Complete in One Step," "Air-rail intermodal passenger transport," and shuttle service have received a good response.


To welcome the upcoming Spring Festival, China Eastern's VIP lounges were decorated with a festive atmosphere, and special set meals were added to the menu. MU Freeze-Dried Fruit Tea, a brand new drink specially designed for China Eastern flights, and special breakfast are added to the in-flight menu of the Airlines' flights. China Eastern' Spring Festival-themed flights offer typical food for the festival including dumplings, tangyuan, a kind of round and sweet dumpling made of glutinous rice flour, as well as a special set meal themed on the Year of the Rabbit.


With the resumption and adjustment of international passenger flights, China Eastern and its subsidiary Shanghai Airlines resumed normal in-flight meals for their international and regional flights starting Jan. 8.


China Eastern strives to ensure orderly, efficient and outstanding flight services and offer a comfortable travel experience for passengers.

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