2020-08-27 FC COIN DAPP

This is a block of the new era of masterpiece, FC COIN ecological public chain airdrop joint debut. The world pioneered a one-coin double-digging model to create the cornerstone of trust in the digital economy era and redefine the new economic structure in the future. This time, FC COIN the ecological world, we look forward to seeing the FC COIN ecology officially online!



FC COIN ecology is built by Financial Centre ecological fund, which is based on investment and financing and fund management. It includes traditional financial business futures / foreign exchange trading, investment banking business, new technology AI trading software, DEFI decentralized financial business covering digital assets, digital exchanges, mining pools / mines ,3 games, social, block chain infrastructure and other diversified business construction as one of the ecological fund institutions.

Besides, FC COIN ecology also has a strong strategic alliance. Has the joint initiative unit: the first domain capital, the eight dimensional capital, the union capital; and the strategic investment partner: the Rui Rui capital, the Block Capital vector capital, the gold krypton capital, the engine capital, the creation capital.

Besides strong capital, the technical core of FC COIN ecology itself is also very strong. FC COIN ecology is a distributed game ecosystem platform based on blockchain technology framework. blockchain technology has unique functions of decentralization, openness, autonomy, anonymity and security. it can link all components of the whole game ecological chain together efficiently and organically to achieve seamless connection without loss of circulation and safe storage of personal value.

FC COIN ecology uses mixed consensus algorithm and deployment of lightning, network, global high-speed public chain TPS revolutionary breakthrough 30000/ s. At the same time, as the world's first double-stranded technology, it solves the problem that the current chain circle can not be triangular, the future value is unlimited, for democracy to create an environment without trust, anyone can create nodes, mass participation; FCCoin is a double-stranded system based on human double helix model. Has become the large-scale chain DAPP application gathering place.

From all aspects also saw the unique advantages of FC COIN ecology. Not only that, but also has the advantages that other platforms do not have :1, break up large households, avoid lying down to earn, Uniform distribution, Keep the whole network working, Drive user fission; 2. new derivatives applications, As the cryptocurrency derivatives market gets more and more attention, More block citizens would choose to hedge their cash positions with derivatives, Effective management of price risks and reduction of volatility; 3. build decentralized cloud computing platforms, build decentralized exchanges, and in 2020 and the next decade, Encrypted currency derivatives, Including derivatives in DeFi ecosystems, Will bring greater leverage and liquidity to the market; 4. focus ecology: DAPP game ecology, super merchant settlement, super payment WorldpayVISA PAY game, STO super ecological landing application in one; 5. strategic incubation VISA/ mastercard, unionpay, super payment, super exchange, Game Insight super game FC TOKEN bitcoin mine, BTC.com mine pool.

In any case, the era of global block chain industry ecology has come, and the new era of consumer capital under industrial block chain has come. FC COIN the emergence of ecology, we see a new dawn of the block era, and we have reason to believe that this will be the most successful masterpiece.

Greeting block citizens, it is because of the strong support of everyone, there is a FC COIN DAPP 2.0 born. At last, a thousand calls began to come out, FCCOIN Dapp2.0 will be officially online at 11:49 on August 25 to meet you!




2020.08.25 Shock open registration, FCCOIN Dapp 2.0 Yaoshi! 2.0 Cloud mine pool new play, grand launch!



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