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1. Children's books are more lively in form, in the design of more children's illustrations as the main graphics, and then with lively and childish text, to form the book cover. 2. Picture books are generally close to the square, often 12, 24, etc., to facilitate the arrangement of pictures. The common design technique is to choose representative pictures in picture books and then match them with text. Culture books are more solemn, in the design, more important pictures in the text are used as the main graphics of the cover, and the font of the text is also more solemn, mostly in black or Song; the overall color purity and brightness is low, and the visual effect is calm to reflect the profound cultural characteristics. 4. Series books The whole series of books are designed in the same way, with each book changing its title and main graphics according to the type of introduction. This is generally the common design technique for the cover of a set of books. 5. Tools books are generally thicker and often used, so in the design, to prevent wear and tear more hard cover; cover graphics design is more rigorous, neat, with a strong sense of order.

The advantages of printed books are (1) thick ink, rich tonal expressions, raised print patterns and exquisite prints, which are most suitable for the reproduction of color artworks. (2) High security due to difficulties in plate making, suitable for printing of securities. (3) It is suitable for long-run printing because of its strong printing resistance and wide range of materials to be printed. (4) The printing cylinder is a complete cylindrical shape, which allows continuous printing without seams. There are two main types of printing: direct printing and indirect printing. Printing plate graphics part of the ink, directly transferred to the substrate surface printing method, called direct printing, the image on the printing plate relative to the image on the original manuscript is the reverse image. The printing plate graphics part of the ink, through the intermediate carrier transfer, and then transferred to the substrate surface of the printing method, called indirect printing, the image on the printing plate relative to the image on the original is positive image.
A wide variety of printed materials, a wide range of applications, the use of process principles, printing methods and the use of substrates are different, so the commonly used classification methods and according to the form of the printing plate, printing color, the use of printed materials and other three.

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