Physical or Chemical Sunscreen: Tinanik Solves the Dilemma


Nowadays, beauty and health are both import. Instead of pursuing white skin created by cosmetics, people begin to care the natural luster of skin. Sunscreen is an important part of maintaining skin health. Many people often have a dilemma between physical sunscreen and chemical sunscreen. TINANIK perfectly solves it.

TINANIK sunscreen is a physical+chemical sunscreen. The main components of physical sunscreen are TIO2 and ZnO, which can reflect ultraviolet rays. When TIO2 particles are not small enough or spread unevenly, it will cause excessive whitening on the face. Tinanik sunscreen adds AlOH which can also reflect UV rays to wrap TIO2 particles and keep them dispersed, thus alleviating excessive whitening of skin.

Chemical sunscreen prevents sun expore by absorbing ultraviolet rays, converting them into heat and releasing them. Although the skin color is natural after using it, it needs to be applied 20 mins to 30 mins in advance to take effect. The main component of chemical sunscreen is ethylhexyl methoxycinnamate. According to the requirements of countries for its safe dose, tthe most stringent one is the US and Canada: less than 7.5%. While its content of TINANIK is 7%.

TINANIK sunscreen combines the advantages of chemical and physical sunscreen. It not only solves the problem of long absorption time of chemical one, but also alleviates the problem of excessive whitening of physical sunscreen. Moreover, it can both reflect most ultraviolet rays with physical sunscreens, and protect against UVA and UVB by chemical sunscreens.

On the resistance to UVA and UVB, the indexes of TINANIK are SPF50+ and PA++++, which are very high. Moreover, especially, the added Homosalate and 1,2- pentanediol are also very well-known waterproof and moisturizing ingredients, which are water-locked and antibacterial, and can support users to carry out outdoor activities for a long time without additional coating. In terms of dosage, TINANIK is also very economical. One finger length of sunscreen is enough for the whole face, and two fingers length is enough for the whole body.

Different from other sunscreens, TINANIK does not contain alcohol, and the use of pure natural plant ingredients makes it mild and non-irritating, so even pregnant women and people with sensitive skin can use it without worry. TINANIK truly achieves the coexistence of beauty and health, and the combination of sun protection and skin care!



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